We strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the entire manual provided on our service, namely, study the sections "Getting Started" and "Code Setup ". But given that you are lazy, you have paws and you will not do it anyway, study at least this FAQ.

Getting started

Teach me to …

We do not teach how to work with traffic filtering tools and traffic in general. You should familiarize yourself with this topic before purchasing access. Our technical support helps you in difficult cases, and does not train you.

Where do I begin?

Start your day with a cup of coffee and this tutorial. It will tell you how to add a site and setup filtering. If you haven't paid for the service yet, use this instruction.

What are the restrictions on using the service?

Available campaigns number is limited by your tariff plan. We do not impose any serious restrictions on the amount of traffic that passes through our equipment. But in case you plan to generate a really large volume of traffic, we would recommend that you purchase a full-featured standalone AlterCPA Pro with built-in traffic filtering mechanisms that you can place on your own powerful servers.


How do I enable filtering on my site?

There are several ways to insert filters on your website or landing page:

Can I use AlterCPA One filters in my AlterCPA Pro?

If you are a license holder for AlterCPA Professional, you already have AlterCPA One filters available. Activate from in the "Traffic filtering" section in the settings.


How is the service paid?

Payment for the service is made on a monthly basis. The billing period is one month. Any paid period ends at midnight after the date specified in the "Payments" section. There is no free trial period.

All payments are made in USD through the services of NOWpayments and Capitalist. Preferred payment method - USDT Trc20. For a complete list of available payment methods, see here.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes, here has been told about it, but you can skip reading and upload traffic right away here via WR CPA.

I did not like! How do I get my money back?

We are sorry that the service did not suit your needs. You can view the Refund Policy in the Payment & Refunds section.