Working with sites

Section summary

  1. Go to "My campaigns", enter the domain in the green field "Domain", click Add.
  2. Select the countries from which you expect visits.
  3. Please include the filenames or full URLs of your target and dummy sites.
  4. Choose a working method: redirect, file connection, iframe, CURL request, WordPress.
  5. Click "Save and download file" and host the file.
Everything is clear, let's get to work!

Adding a site

Start your work by adding a site. Sites are your filtering settings for ad campaigns. Working with sites is carried out in the section "My campaigns".

To create a site, specify its domain in this field and click "Add". This domain will host your filter in the future. The domain is specified without www at the beginning.

Adding a site

After adding a site, you need to configure the basic traffic filtering parameters:

Click "Save and download file", place the resulting file on your hosting for the selected domain.

Site settings

Site settings

You can specify additional site settings that may not match our vision of perfectly simple filtering.

Main parameters

Extra options

Available filters

There are a number of system filters available to you that you can use on your sites.

For optimal protection of your site from spurious traffic, we recommend using all available filters, that is, do not configure the "Filters" field at all.